Thursday, June 24, 2010

(one day only) giveaway: marta writes!!!

in the beginning of my early blogging days, i stumbled across this inspiring blog.
not just inspiring photo-wise, but even more so inspiring writing-wise.
marta is so talented as a writer, which i appreciate so writing is my first-love!
[i was a communication major in college, and i dream of writing a book one day.]

so be sure to stop by 'Marta Writes' to enter in the ONE-DAY only giveaway for a muchlove-illy headband and accessory of your choice.

let marta know what are your weekend plans by posting a comment,
giving you a chance to win something from my shop.
good luck!

happy thursday, friends!


  1. Just entered. Love your creations! :)

  2. I'm so glad she is hosting a giveaway by YOU! Your stuff is so wonderful - hopefully I'll be lucky enough to have some of it myself as the winner!

  3. cole and phoenix: thank you much! i'm pretty excited about it. :) blessings on whomever wins!

  4. How fun! So sorry I missed it. :(


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