Saturday, June 12, 2010

oh, saturday. how i love thee.

how has your saturday been, friend?

i've savored every second of mine.
i haven't had a saturday like this f
or awhile.

it started with not being able to sleep past 6:30am - which i admit at first was a little frustrating (but it make senses cuz my poor body is used to waking up at 5am everyday, 6:30 seems like sleeping in) - but then i rolled out of bed (after laying there for 15 min.) and made myself some coffee (mmm, with vanila chai liquid creamer, baby). i then had some much needed, refreshing time reading my Bible and journaling (one of my fave parts of a saturday because i don't have to rush anywhere and i can take my time reading and writing).

after that i spent most of the day (except for a shower, blog-inspiration, phone calls to family, and a break to cook lunch) curled up in my comfy chair in my PJs with some Glee playing to keep me co
mpany - cutting out felt poppies of every color of the rainbox and creating muchlove-illy headbands! can i say that it is utter bliss for me? to do art all day is heaven. this is the first time i've had a day to this, nothing on the schedule - and good thing too because i have quite the number of orders to get out first thing Monday morning.

it made me realize how much i look forward to going home in september and be able to dedicate ev
en more time to the blooming shop. yay for art and creativity! its one of the things i realize the 'older' i get, i need more and more of it (whether its etsy, writing or even doodling - ask my boss during loooong meetings).

around 3pm, i realized it was time to go for a walk. and of course, i had to make a couple of quick stops because i heard my name being called. first, i heard my name called out from good ole urban-outfitters. there was a mustard canvas calling my name. tried it on, put it back. then there were some adorable sandals o
n sale. tried those on, put them back. i just about walked out when i saw an entire rack of BDG tees on sale for $4.99. kill me now. oh, i love saturday sales. i bought more than a couple of these for me and my sister, Ashley, who obsesses over UO as much as i do (esp. since they don't have on in SC).
then i kept walking and stumbled into an akira because i knew i would find TOMS there. i had been thinking about grabbing a pair for awhile...and next thing you know, i finally try on my pair own pair (in olive green)...and can i say that i fell in LOVE? and they are one of my fave shades of green and oh, so comfortable. welp, i did. i admit it - and walked out of akira a proud owner of TOMS. i also am lovin' the fact that for every pair of TOMS purchased, TOMS donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need.

so all that to say, it's been a wonderfully relaxing day. didn't mean for this to be a shopping report - but its just nice to write a blog-entry for a change where i'm not rushing around like a mad woman. sometimes mind-less days are needed for my sanity, esp. when living in fast-paced of a city like chicago. like i said these kinds of days are rare for moi but when they stumble across my path, i savor them.

and so more art awaits me tonight. going to start up another storm of headbands, rings and hair accessories.

oh, and sorry that the shop is a little low right now. i plan to restock and update the shop later this weekend or early in the week. people have been so supportive of the shop lately, that i'm admittingly a little swamped with orders. but i'm praising God for the provision and the support of many amazing etsy customers. i think being swamped with orders is a good 'problem' to have, wouldn't you say?

happy saturday, friends!


  1. i want Toms soooo bad. take a picture of you in them please!:) and i like the poppy headband picture!

  2. by the way, there is an urban outfitters on king street in charleston, sc. :) just in case you ever needed a uo in sc!

  3. TOMS is pretty amazing! It only gets frustrating if you order online and you are unsure of your size since it can be tricky. I had to return mine for just a half of size increase, but totally worth the extra wait. The olive green is beautiful. Mine are red and I'm already planning for my next pair. Anyway, just stumbled upon your blog today and I wanted to say hello!


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