Monday, June 28, 2010

not bad for a monday.

so monday are rough. i think that is a norm across the boards. i always feel like i need one more day to recover from the weekend. its hard to stay motivated and focused at work. (just being honest here, folks! i'm sure people even in HR will admit that fact about mondays.)

however, i have to say that
monday afternoon and evening helped me to relax and unwind and (i think) ready for another work day.

first, there was one more MORE
monday left in the month of june. so right after work (i mean like at 3:31pm), ryan picked me up from work and we then headed straight for the delightful piece of heaven. i thought that i would try something new and daring, especially since this was the last 'freebie' day but i couldn't resist what i had last week. oh, baby. it was one of those just kill me now moments. i had my red velvet with the cheesecake creme frosting. ryan had a chocolate hazelnut one with caramel in the middle. we were both very happy with our choices.

but before indulging in our cupcakes, ryan surprised me with a home cooked meal. i love his cooking. he is such a good cook (he is part italian afterall) i don't even like porkchops but i love his - they have so much flavor and he makes sure to gives me the pieces of meat with no/little fat as possible. so i apologize to those of you that don't eat meat out there - the following image might scare you...however, they make my little mouth water. mmmm, delish. ryan also cooked up a side of boiled broccoli, with a hint of garlic and covered with parmesan cheese, cheesy garlic bread, and sauteed mushrooms and green peppers.

later in the evening, i joined my roommate and annika for a night of etsy creations. we popped in a chick flick and enjoyed the relaxing evening by creating new products for our individual shops. (annika is brand-new to etsy world so her lil' shop should be up and running super soon. but i think you all might already be familiar with my roommate's which i've mentioned before, ohlavallee. if you haven't, it's def. worth a peek!)

speaking of etsy, i need to also showcase some of my lovely trades from the ohhellofriend summer trade guide that i was privileged to be a part of! i will try to get some lovely snap shots of those goodies because i am very excited about them.

another thing i want to do this week are showcase two lists in my mind inspired by hulaseventy. so you'll have to stop in later this week to see what i come up with.

alrighty, goodnight monday.
hello, tuesday.
sleep tight one and all. this old lady needs to get some shut-eye.


  1. first of all, that red velvet cupcake looks delish!! i haven't had a cupcake in soo long!

    and second, that's sooo cool that you and your roommate both have etsy shops, it would be awesome to have a friend to sew with every night - would be easier to start up an etsy shop that way hehe!!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!
    Your blog and shop are so lovely! New to me:)

  3. again, Ate! this is just not right! food posts are my weakness :). especially the cupcakes!

  4. I love my headbands! super cute and functional!

  5. you guys are cuties. i love that he cooks for you. sweet boy. :) those are the best.

  6. yum i love cupcake, and you 2 are soooo cute! :)
    sounds like you had a fun fun weekend! xo.

  7. LOVE art nights with you roomie! :)


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