Tuesday, June 8, 2010

muchlove-illy update: baby bird and new giveaway!

with having been gone and in a whirlwind of ocean and sand,
i think its about time for an etsy update!

some exciting things have been happening for muchlove-illy.

those of you who entered the giveaway at littlemissmomma - thank you for your lovely comments. like i've said before, comments are always such an encouragement to an aspiring artist like moi! and for those of you that entered and visited the shop, be sure to tell your friends about me. spread the love - the muchlove-illy love that is.

okay, enough with the cheese.

in other news, baby bird, an utterly adorable children's boutique in korea is featuring yours truly! this has been in the works for the past month - the creation and shipping process, so i've been itching to say something about it, but of course, wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. please check out this adorable shop - i'm pretty ecstatic about it! muchlove-illy continues to go international!

and it's a new week, so....it's time for a new giveaway! run over to paper-n-stitch, which is def a daily read for me since the day i stumbled across it. there is def. more than one dose of inspiration found at paper-n-stitch, so it is certainly an honor to be featured and given the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway there. click here or on the pic below to be a part of the fun!

i have a handful of orders to catch up on since i've been gone, but i hope to find time to create some new designs. there have been a handful of summer-ones i had in mind, just finding the time to sit down and create!

[happy tuesday, friends!]


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