Monday, June 7, 2010

the last st. simons post...for now.

i know, i know. so many beach posts.

i took so many pictures (until a wave decided to kill my camera - its a story that i'll save for another time; we are giving my lil' guy a couple more days to recover) so i have many of them to upload. plus it was such
a fab time, how can one not take photos? also the butler and viviani family were great. i'm serious (not just writing that because i know that you are reading this, margaret). i felt included in the fun. they are crazy and entertaining.

like ryan's grandpa said,
"you can't neglect the fact that
we viviani's know how to eat!"

and it was true.

we ate so much good food every single night of the week - whether we ate out for delish seafood (fried shrimp was my fave) or a family hosted a night (italian night, taco night, southern cooking night - all so delish!), the food was superb! excellent! magnificant! then you kiss your closed fingers and immediately raise them in the air (isn't that the italian thing to do?).

due to my withdrawal of good cooking, i am eating a meatball subway sandwich. obviously not authentic italian but i needed something in that arena of flavor!

for now, enjoy the photos of my blissful week of
family, food and seriously loads of fun.

[ryan always collects shells for me anytime we are at the beach.
i have all of the ones he has given me in a box.]

[ryan's parents, margarent and bud - love them! they are wonderful. both of them are beyond sweet.]

[margaret and allie, who is ryan's aunt - figure it out.
i really enjoyed getting to know allie a little bit more, too!

[not related to the butlers/viviani's - but these women's shirts on the beach made me smile.
i hope i have two crazy girlfriends like that when im that age.]

[ryan went fishing every single day. sweet catch!
i'm talking about the shark. but he's a pretty sweet catch himself, don't you think?]

...and that's a wrap, folks!

happy summer to you all.
go on now.
your turn to go out and soak up some sun.


  1. I do not mind beach posts at all. Keep them coming. Makes the countdown to my beach trip so much better!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. kayla: haha - thanks for the encouragement. i hope you enjoy your own beach trip!!! aren't they the best?!

  3. am i allowed to be a little jealous? :) it looks amazing... so glad you had a great week!!

  4. count me in for wearing a wacky tee shirt with you down the beach when we're "old" :) can't wait! :)

  5. count me in for wearing a wacky tee shirt with you down the beach when we're "old" :) can't wait! :)

  6. whit: be jealous. it was pretty amazing. hehehe. miss you, friend!

    ash: thanks for volunteering - along with pushing baby strollers around the neighborhood (remember promising me that one?!)!

  7. Looks like so much fun! And honestly you two are the cutest couple ever!


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