Thursday, June 24, 2010

i have jet-black hair. but sometimes, i think i'm a blonde.

it happened yesterday.
at home depot.
when ryan and i went to pick up my new AC-window unit.

me: "so is the zenith-brand any good?"
ryan: "yeah, i think it's better than my old goldstar one."
me: "oh yeah...the one in your old studio?"
ryan: "yup, that one. i had to jerry-rig it to get it to do what i wanted it to do."
me: [pause] "ryan, who is jerry?"

good thing, ryan finds it amusing.
[kristine, don't even laugh. you know you are even worse.]


  1. i love it! i'm pretty sure rachel thomas has a list of all my "blonde" moments. man there's been so many. and she always seems to be around when they come out of my mouth. :)


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