Friday, June 18, 2010

i could have danced all night.

after the crazy chicago storm late this afternoon (tornado sirens were wailing and the nightly news was beeping every millionth of a second to warn people to stay indoors), my new friend and i went out to play. chicago is weird like that. first, it's storming like its the end of the world, then the clouds and rain decide to run off and take a nap, while the sun decides to come and grace us with its presence. i can even hear the birds chirping outside. i don't think i'll ever understand chicago weather.

its funny the things you had never noticed until you look thru the lenses of a camera. grant me some grace since i'm no professional but hey, i'm definitely eager to learn.

come on, friend. let's go play.

oh,CHICAGO,i admit it.
i will miss you greatly.
let's try not to think about it.

let's enjoy the time we have together while we have it.

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