Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the little things.

i am thankful for...

1. joanne runs with rooms and annika
2. eating sweet mandy b's delish buttercream frosting on sugar cookie for dinner tonight
(p.s. i promise to blog about this awesome place once i get my new camera!)
3. giddy, girly things like nailpolish (waiting on mine to dry as i type)
4. a job that provides for needs and sometimes wants
5. an incredible family that makes me laugh and understands me
6. the visit with the smith's today (planning on another date - hoping for a mollie's cupcake date)
7. a new camera coming in the mail (i am dying to have it in my hands! i was lost without one at sweet mandy's today - so many adorable things to take pictures of)
8. upcoming summer movie releases (top faves: inception, eclipse, and toy story 3)
9. listening to GLEE music (esp. jessie's girl and journey-medley)
10. freedom and true peace in my Savior, Jesus Christ

i needed to remind myself of small and big things today. i'm a little tired today but i am also going to bed with a thankful heart.

as this mint-green nailpolish is finally drying (after 2 coats of quick-dry cuz i always happen to smear my nailpolish in one way or another), i want to wish you a good-good night, friend.



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