Thursday, June 10, 2010

hey, birthday girl - yes, you!

to my dear sister and best friend...
though we can't be with you in iowa to celebrate your birthday,
all of us are definitely celebrating you in Chicago and in South Carolina.

when i think of you, i think of laughter and goofiness and just being silly
(silly, silly, can't make me stop saying it!).

[August 2009]

i think about moving all over the US and the globe, always having my best friend there with me.
i won't ever forget our radio programs (we reporting live from japan and there are statues [don't say that!]- i mean stockings, stockings!) and our adventures of little women, boxcar children, and Hansel and Gretal.
i mean, come on - those were the best days.
you were my baby sister.
you did whatever i told you to do!

[whoops! don't know where this attractive picture came from]

then we got a new best friend to be included in our adventures, making life even more full of laughter and the comfort of having one more sister to confide in.

[christmas 2009]

and then yet another brother joined our circle.
the love that you showed your family and friends,
you chose to give wholly to the man of your dreams.
i'm sure it's that love and your joy for life are only a few of the reasons Ryan loves you
(and he defintely loves you for you, my dear know what i mean? if you don't, ask Ryan. he'll know what i mean).

[Chicago, summer 2009]

thanks for always being there for all of us, for me. for still being my best friend and making me crack up on the phone. thanks for also the perserverance you have displayed especially during the past year of stretching ministry for the Lord. thank you for the love and care you show your husband. thanks for even crying sometimes when you miss home because it reminds me of how good we have it - to have incredible family like we do.

[chicago, may 2009]

can't wait to see you again soon (i hope soon - it's been too long!).
i hope that this day has been extra special (though i will admit i am beyond jealous about your birthday gift from ryan - i mean, what are you even planning to use it for?!)

[bww with the boys/on the el, summer 2009]

you are the best.
love you, seester.

Happy Birthday, Kristine Anne!


  1. I love reading about sisterly love! Happy Birthday Kristine!

  2. aw, thanks Ate!:) I loved this post-although, you chose the most FLATTERING pictures of me, didn't you? it love it love it.

  3. so very sweet -- you both are BEAUTIFUL!!! okay, you totally have me wishing i had a sister right now! ;) happy weekend friend! xo.

  4. graceanna: girl, its good hearing from you! hope you guys are doing well. miss ya!

    kristine: glad you loved it - hope your day was extra, extra special. love you, sis!

    dani: thanks for your lovely comment! yes, sisters are pretty aahhmazing. :) happy weekend to you too!


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