Sunday, June 20, 2010

he wrote her a letter.

twenty-seven years ago, my daddy asked my mom to be his wife.

[my lolo, mom, daddy, and his sister, my auntie vangi]

actually, let's back track just a wee bit. twenty-seven years ago, daddy was on a U.S. naval ship heading to the Philippines from California. he had written mom a letter, but she never received it. the letter told mom that he would be home for the weekend - and because there was little time, he told they should get married that weekend.

like i said, mom didn't receive the letter and didn't know he was coming...and didn't exactly know what he had in mind for their weekend plans. she was coming back from the market when she saw him. she said when she first saw him, she remembers that she dropped everything that she had in her hands.

i don't know what the time-line was after that...other than, they gathered a few of their family member together and headed for the court house to be married in front of the judge. they spent a simple but joyous weekend together.

i love their story.
i told mom it should be made into a movie one day, maybe a book.

[they still have fun together. playing some wii during christmas break.]

and probably the reason why i love the story so much is
because my daddy and mom are still in love with each other today.

they didn't tell us to love our spouses, they showed us. they make each other laugh. i have only heard them say good things about each other to me and my sisters. i have never heard one of them bash the other person in any way. they dance in the kitchen together (of course, when we were little, we'd join them). they blast oldies music and sing it really loud to each other. i watch daddy care for my mom, and mom care for my dad. they love and respect one another. they are the best of friends.

they also told my sisters and i that it's not the huge wedding that matters in the end. daddy and mom had the simplest of weddings and they are the happiest, most in love couple that i know.

i definitely have to agree that is a better deal.

Happy 27th Anniversary,
Daddy and Mom!

love you both so much.

p.s. no worries, father's day entry coming up.
oh, daddy and mom, are you sure it's not the 21st?
heheh. love you both.


  1. awwww i agree that their story should be made into a movie! how cute!!


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