Saturday, June 19, 2010

the boy is back in town.

the bf is back in chicago.

he's my best friend and we have so many adventures to pursue in chicago before we leave come fall, so of course, i was eager to have him back. while i waited for his flight to come in, i took a stop at the farmer's market. i love the fact that the farmer's market is practically across the street from me and that there is one in the middle of downtown chicago. it's a highlight to my weekend.

later in the afternoon, guess who i got to see walking down the street towards me?

after meeting my new friend, ryan and i both decided we were pretty hungry with neither of us had not eaten lunch yet. and we both love to eat so we decided on an early dinner. he took me to a brand new place, fornetto mei.
oh man, it was so good.
[we love food.]

we enjoyed their delish pizza and pasta. it was so good i didnt even take pictures of everything - plus we were both starving, so once that food was in front of us, we inhaled it and it was all gone. every bit of it.

[yeah for spontaneous gifts. a gift card to joanne's - woohoo!
and isn't that a funny bookmark?
i love it cuz it's true!]

like i said it was an early dinner, so we were the first customers there for the dinner hour.
oh and the fun thing about this place is that ryan and i have walked past it a million times and always admired this glass patio area. we always said, let's go there before we leave the city. it's fun to cross things off our list, esp. if the place doesn't disappoint.

for the next hour or so, ryan and i decided to take my camera out for a test drive. we took so many pics playing with the features and buttons and snap-snapping away (ryan loves the clicking sound and the continous shooting mood). i won't be able to post them all here - there are too many but it was a lot of fun to take them.

we laughed a lot tonight. talked about life. ate yummy food. took lots of pictures.
the city is so much better
when you have your best friend to enjoy it with.

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  1. awwww how sweet!! i love going to farmer's market and i bet your chicago pizza was good! glad you got to spend time with your bf!


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