Saturday, June 26, 2010

chicago blossoms and lovely saturday.

people say cities are made up of concrete and aluminum.
when it comes to chicago, i beg to differ.
one of my favorite things about the city is how particular they are with the flowers that blossom all over downtown chicago. i especially love it in the springtime when rows and rows of tulips take over all of michigan avenue or apartment flower beds. its so breathtaking.

as usual, there are always things to see in the city...things that catch one's eyes,
at least my curious eyes.

every morning on the way to work, i see this sign.
it makes me smile 'cause it reminds me of me of me and ryan.
we always say i like you or i'm falling in like with you.
though we've dated for three years, we've never said the phrase 'i love you' to each other. we want to save those special words on the day that we get engaged. some people may think it's odd, but i love how special those words are the day that i say it to whomever i spend the rest of my life with.
plus this phrase is just so darn cute.

and oh, toy story 3. i've been waiting to see you since you were released,
but this weekend was way too busy. the bf and i look forward to seeing you next weekend.
you better not be going anywhere.
i plan to laugh super hard and will also bring kleenex 'cause i hear you are a tear-jerker.

i'm so glad it didn't storm today. it supposedly was. though i fought allergies for most of the day, this saturday was a good one.there is nothing like a productive day of cleaning and etsy, then chipotle with the bf, and then more etsy while watching some valentine's day and transformers (the first one is hilarious and so good - we are both big kids like that).

i'm so thankful for today.
glad to know there is one more day of the weekend left.

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