Friday, June 18, 2010

bikes, buttons, and the boy.

it's the weekend, folks.

i already have lots that i want to do. i hear that the weather is supposed to be nice in chicago-land. and my bf will be back (woohoo!) tomorrow afternoon. i also have a hair appointment to finally get rid of these auburn-blonde-yellow-whatever-color streaks. they are bothering me like crazy - can't wait.

got some new buttons. i have some new designs in mind for the shop. these babies will come in handy. oh i love the collection of colors. makes my eyes go gaga.

check out this adorable pair. in my shop today.
in between enjoying th weather and spending time with the boy, i have a handful of orders this weekend to fill. exciting, right? God's provision is a blessing.

found this while i was window shopping on etsy. its a print made by mysoulshines. i think i want it. loving the color too. also if the weather is as lovely as its reporting, ryan and i will probably be riding bikes. can't wait.

[happy friday, friends.]


  1. yayy i'm excited for this fabulous weekend with hopefully great weather too! i owl earrings are a HOOT!! and that print is sooo cute!! have a great weekend dear!

  2. I may have too much bike art gracing my walls but that print is adorable.


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