Thursday, June 3, 2010

beaches bring back memories.

hello, family.
remember the days of hunting island and okuma?
packing our van full of a month-worth of stuff - when we're only going away for a weekend.
sleeping in. living in our PJs or swimsuits. eating a lot of food. walking on the beach. laughing until our stomachs hurt. watching movies indoors when we should be outside. more naps.
st. simons is reminding me of those days. much love to you all.

oh and kristine, these sisters at the beach today reminded me of us.
we collected so many shells back then, we'd pack them in shoe boxes.
do you remember?
good times.


  1. i love sisters -- and the beach -- and shells. everything about this has me smiling. xxo!

  2. oh, i know! glad you share the same love. happy weekend!

  3. oh, ate, so fun. wish we could have summer memories this year too:( i remember those shoe boxes. and i miss the shells. especially now.


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