Thursday, May 27, 2010

oh, my lee, shadows, and red paper hearts.

i'm one of those kinds of persons who gets giddy-happy over little things. even though nothing major or huge happened the past couple of days, i was happy over a lot of the 'smaller' things in life. such as...

1. Lee winning american idol!

lee is so cute. and of course, love his voice.

ilene is happy. phil is upset

great part about living in chicago.
it's local news.

2. Enjoying another beautiful, summer day in Chicago

loving the sight of flowers all over the city.
even made some shadow friends. now that there is sunshine, they like to come out and play. we made friends with a shadow dog and his pal, shadow birdy.

3. First time this summer to eat dinner outside.

we ate at a delish italian restaurant called Trattoria
(there are a number of different ones all over Chicago. we went to the one on wells,
the same one ryan took me to for my bday last year.)

my bf. i like him.
a lot.

we love bread at italian restaurants, esp. when it dipped in olive oil and parmesan cheese.

happy and content. that i am.

the night ended with an incredible season finale of 'flashforward.' can't wait for next season (our fingers are crossed...praying that it doesn't get canceled cuz we heard an ugly rumor of that possibility). while waiting for the finale to start, i was busy cutting out paper hearts. colormekatie inspired me - plus i already like paper and cutting out hearts and sticking them in envelopes and cards, so i thought 'why not? i needed a good stress reliever.' it doesn't make sense to some people, but the feeling of doing something creative with my hands (like making poppies for headbands or cut out red paper hearts) is such a stressreliever.

like ryan always says: whatever floats your boat...

the weekend is almost here.
[goodnight, world.]


  1. These things make me happy too! Yay for American Idol!

  2. such a cute post! i love those shadow pics!
    happy friday! :)

  3. ash: woohoo for american idol! hope you were rooting for lee! hehe. :)

    jen: thanks for reading!!! and happy friday to you too!

  4. aw, lovely photos!

    hope you have a great weekend!


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