Thursday, May 6, 2010

muchlove-illy shop update: debut at poppy's closet

hey, i know i have so much more to update you on (one particularly bigger decision that was made which i'll save for another post), but just wanted to quickly let you know about this exciting opportunity for muchlove-illy.

muchlove-illy is now showcased at one of the most adorable online baby boutiques that i have ever seen, Poppy's Closet. i have never seen a boutique with this great of an assortment of cool, hip baby clothes. if i ever have a baby one day, i'm defintely coming back to this site.


so it's very exciting to see muchlove-illy products going beyond etsy world! a special shout-out toall my friends who are mommies of little cuties, be sure to check out Sarah's lovely shop!


  1. love all the colors --- and your products too, of course!

  2. sooo fun! look at your shop grow!!!!! :) can't wait to hear about your other decision! :)

  3. thank you for your support and encouragement, ladies!!! :) im super excited!!!


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