Sunday, May 30, 2010

memorial day weekend highlights. so far.

summer vacation started for me at 3:00pm last friday.
oh it's been bliss.
though i do enjoy my job, the feeling of not having to go in to work at 7am for the next week is not a bad feeling at far, it's been a wonderful break. ryan headed home for GA yesterday - but before the airport run, we took a stroll around the city and of course, had to make a pit-stop at the farmer's market.

so much green. love it.

i always love the flowers at the farmers market.
the colors are so vibrant.
makes me so happy.

lots of people are always at the farmer's market.
the woman and her dog cracked us up.
poor thing.

i might have even heard him bark, i hate my life.

enjoyed some berry-chill with nora, one of my closet friends here in chicago.
anytime that i spend with her is never boring. we laugh a lot and share a lot of the same memories.
i love this girl.

(nora, if you're reading this...8 years, baby!)

oh and cherished some precious time with some of my best friends and one of the cutest couples in the entire universe, the newbys! whit and shawn were in town only for a short while, so we had just enough time to grab breakfast at elly's. the 2 hours that we had went by so quickly. anytime i spend with them always does.

whit and moi.
this girl and i can talk for hours.
we would get lost on the road multiple times because we'd be so busy talking, we'd miss the signs and the turns we were supposed to take. it took us forever to even decide what to order at elly's
because we were busy catching up. not surprising.

shawn and me.
i haven't see him forever - so it was esp. good to see my old friend.
oh, btw, there is nothing like getting a giant hug from Shawn! they are the best.

we were reminiscing last summer when we did a photo shoot of us at the fountain down on michigan ave. might need to dig those out sometime. it made me wish that they still lived in the city so we could go on more of our crazy city adventures. we had so many of them when they did. aw, i love them so much.

i hope you have a chance to spend the weekend and summertime with those that you love most.
do something crazy.
take lots of pictures.
enjoy the sunshine.
let's love life.
[Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!]


  1. awww I absolutely LOVE going to farmer's markets, so fun! The lady and her dog are awesome haha! And funny thing, I'm in chicago right now on a layover, wish I ould go get some berry chill YUM!

  2. so fun, right?! :) and yes, berry chill is the best. happy flight, sandy!


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