Thursday, May 6, 2010

makes the job a blast.

crazy game room staff.
we all work together in the same department.
more than half of them are graduating.
they crack me up. they check up on me.
we love watching the office together.
we love to play weird games involving hats, gloves, scarves, dice, and wigs.
we come up with crazy LOST theories.
love these guys.

such a neatly, wrapped box with a prize inside.

after. then comes the madness.

i promise that these girls are not this calm.
they just look it.

and then, there were the guys.
woohoo for Game Room staff!!!!
you guys rock.


  1. ok so I'm ready for the big moving news in a blog post. pretty please? :)

  2. it's coming, whit!! i promise this week. ;)


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