Thursday, May 20, 2010

it was one of those mornings, i woke up instantly...realizing all that i had to do today. i leave for a friend's wedding tomorrow, so a lot of on my list must get done today.

let's see if it happens.

[thursday to-do list]

1. work until 4:00pm (it's a given - can't get out of that one ;))
2. work out (MUST do this!! no excuses, ilene!!)
finish up etsy orders and mail out by tomorrow morning (ask Ryan to mail them out for me - such a good bf)
3. complete at least half of wholesale order so it can be shipped by tuesday (another exciting opportunity with an online boutique - woohoo!)
4. watch "Flashforward" with Ryan (second to last episode to season finale)
5. watch/download "Lost" to be ready for Sundays series finale (the last episode ever!)
6. make sure the black heels i have works with the bridesmaid dress (yeah, yeah...i know i should have tried those on weeks ago - i'm sure it'll work. i have it all figured out in my mind...right?)
7. write out utilities check for Sarah (long-overdue, rooms, i know...sorry!)
8. oh, yeah and PACK for Colorado (as much as i love traveling, i HATE packing)

this is do-able, right? i actually feel better seeing it all written out.
yeah, yeah...i'm kinda OCD in that sense. i love lists. i love knowing what's the plan.
this doesn't always play in my favor - but hey, i'm working on it.

happy thursday, folks.


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