Thursday, May 27, 2010

inspire me: colormekatie.

a couple of years ago, two of my friends (good ole rooms and sally-pants) and i decided to do something random and crazy...such as join improveverywhere for one of their crazy events. (it was also my b-day week then so it made me happy to do something out of the blue like this). so we all dressed in green (you could chose either red, yellow, blue or green...duh, we chose green) and downloaded the MP3-clip we needed for this particular experiment. (you can actually spot me and my rooms a couple of times if you look hard enough.)

all that to say, it was a blast and such a random experience that i'm on the hunt for the next one that comes to chicago. so anyways, during one of my slower days at work (summer days are a tad slower at a college), my friend jen sent me a link to a brand-new blog filled with lots of eye-candy for ilene. i am in blog-love. so as i'm searching and searching, i'm trying to figure out who is this artistic, creative blogger/photographer/dreamer...and she happens to be one of the photographer and brains behind improveverwhere! she is a part of a team that includes her bf too, so that is pretty sweet. that made me soooo happy - and i admit a tad jealous...because wow, what a sweet job!

so miss katie my recent blog addition and inspiration as of late.

Magic Curtain from katie sokoler on Vimeo.

[such a fun carefree video - and she has a ton more on her site]

if you see any of her ingenious art-projects on my blog, you'll know where i got the inspiration.
oh, and if improveverywhere ever comes to your city, do it!!!
if it's in chicago, i'll most likely see you there, friend.


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