Monday, May 31, 2010

i'm so proud of you.

this is a small shout-out in comparison to all that the the US servicemen have done to serve our country. thank you to all of you that have given up your lives for the sake of this country. i do not think we are able to thank you enough for price that you have paid for American's freedom. you make us proud.

and daddy, thank you for all you have done for this country. thank you for showing me and my sisters what it means to honor and respect America. thank you for teaching us not to take our freedom for granted, for reminding us that a price was paid for us to live in this God-blessed country.

1. serving on the field in the Philippines
2. working hard at a dental clinic
3. with his girlfriend (now my mom - isn't she gorgeous?!).

you have also made us proud. i remember as a little girl, seeing you in your uniform and thinking, that's my daddy! and i still think that today - so thankful for your service to our country and to your family. i love you.

[Happy Memorial Day!]


  1. this is SO cool!!!!! i'm proud of you daddy!

  2. i LOVE the fact that this is your very own daddy you are talking about... too cute :)

  3. kristine: aren't those old pics of dad so great?! i love them.

    mariel: thanks, girl! p.s. checked out your blog. its adorable - esp. your recent post about the letter. :)

  4. Thank your dad for us all!!! Gorgeous pictures. I wish I had old pictures like this of my parents.

    I love your blog. You have a new follower in me!

  5. kayla: i will tell him - thanks!
    i'll also be sure to check out your blog, too! :)

  6. Love that pic of your mom and dady - what a cute couple!


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