Monday, May 24, 2010

inspiration in the midst of a clouded mind.

sorry that i've been MIA for the past couple of days. i was out of town for one of my dearest friend's weddings in CO. i will def. post pics of that soon - it was a honor to stand in heather cummins' (now romig) wedding and it was aaaaa-maaazing to see the mountains of CO that everyone talks about. it was so breathtaking and stunning, the pictures i took do not do justice. so those pics will follow up soon.

for now, we have a couple etsy updates. be sure to check all them out, friends, 'cause i'm pretty stoked about them. it's a great way to start another work week!

first up, i'm hosting another giveaway on one of my fave blogs, cakies! so be sure to check out the party over there. and if you've never heard of
cakies before, it's probably one of the most adorable blogs out there. you will fall in love with her precious family! rubyellen is an amazing artist herself (incredible photos and inspiring entries) - and i just really appreciate her transperancy in her writing.

[image via mycakies]

be sure to sign up for the giveaway. i thought i'd do something different and offer a muchlove-illylil' shop!

another fun etsy happening is the new exhibition at paper-n-stitch! can i say that i'm excited about this, too?! i have been a follower of this incredible blog for quite some time now, and its nothing short of inspiring. her lovely collections, refreshing colors, and delightful entries always make me crave for more.
sample set, so that the winner gets a taste of everything in the

[image via paper-n-stitch]

be sure to check out brittni's blog as well as my shop via new exhibition. its exciting to be a part of growing, artistic community!

in other news, just like the rest of the world (if you don't live under a rock), though i am a little tired due to a busy weekend and the adjusted summer hours of 7am here at work, my mind is clouded with last night's LOST season/series finale episode. i am a mix of emotions. i don't know what to think. part of me loves it, the other side of me hates it. maybe i'll have more of a conclusion when i get more caffeine in this system.

for now, arivaderchi! and oh, yes happy monday, folks!


  1. Hello, my friend!! :) I'm so glad you found me, and I love your blog! I miss you and would LOVE to catch up with you soon. I'll be in Chicago from July 7-20, so maybe you'll be around one of those days? Let me know... I'm thinking some lunch and an Anthropologie excursion are much needed during my vacation! :)

  2. I love these Poppy Headbands! Do you by chance have a picture of the headband on someones head that you could send me? I was thinking about buying these for my bridesmaids :)
    my email is


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