Saturday, May 1, 2010

etsy update: new items and a giveaway!

couple new items in the shop. be sure to stop by and check them out!

[everlasting sunshine poppy garland headband]

[twlight blue poppy garland headband]

[crushing on you poppy garland headband,
a returning headband since it seems to be a favorite!]

also especially for my friends and followers who are mommies (you out there?)!!
stop by brandy's blog, You Don't Know.

she recently asked me to host a giveaway on her cute blog and so we thought it might be fun to giveaway a mother/daughter (for baby/little girl) set of headbands.
one poppy garland headband will be the normal elastic kind that i sell in my shop,
but i also have some gentle nylon perfect for babies and little girls' precious hair.

all she asks is for you to visit my shop, pick your favorite item there, and then comment on her entry. so easy!

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

[mmm, aren't saturdays the best?]


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