Tuesday, May 25, 2010

delayed reaction.

like i mentioned last week, i went to my college roommate's wedding in CO. i had the honor of standing as a bridesmaid in her beautiful wedding.

[college doesn't seem that long ago but this pic looks ancient, doens't it?]

surprisingly, i did not have too many pictures - we were pretty busy. but it was a fun-busy, if you know what i mean. here are a few that i did take.

[wide-open blue skies]

[huge gorgeous mountains. the pictures i took do not do them justice.]

[and of course the dazzling bride. heather was absolutely breath-taking.]

heather is probably one of the most joyful persons that i know.
anyone that knows her would agree. she has always been kind, giving, and such a good listener.
i can think back to college days, and we both admitted later on that at first, we never thought the other person would become such a close friend, we were both quick to assume that we were too different to be friends - and that we are.
yet that did not stop us from the blessing of a wonderful friendship.
i love this girl and only hope for the best for her and her new husband!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Romig!

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  1. hi, ilene-
    i found your blog through graceanna's. you might not remember me, but i knew you when you were a little girl in beaufort. anyway, i'm married now and living in CO... i am so glad i stopped by to "see" you. for one, i can't believe you were just here in CO... i think your friend just married our pastor's son! i wish i had known you were in our neck of the woods- i'd loved to have seen you (if you do in fact remember me!) I'd love you to stop by our "virtual" home at our blog site sometime, and if you are back in CO, let us know!
    sarah (stansell) snyder


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