Sunday, May 9, 2010

dear mom.

dear mom,

when i say thanks for everything, i really mean it.
thanks for everything.

for giving up everything to be the best mom we could ever have. you left your home, your family, and all that you were familiar with in the Philippines to be with your husband and children in America (or wherever the Navy sent us!). i never heard you complain or regret leaving. your home was your family and you lived that out. and even though you did not grow up in America or possess English as your first language, you tackled the challenge and opportunity to home-school your three daughters, which you went above and beyond with, resulting with two college graduates!

and you stayed home with us. i believe that what you gave me and my sisters is the greatest gift a mother can ever give her children. because you were were home and not distracted by a career, you were always there for us. and you are still there for me. you continue to love me. i can still call you anytime and know that you will pick it up and be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on - even with the distance.

thanks for all the laughter and the fun times. thanks for joining on our crazy dances ("single ladies" tops all!) thanks for letting us daughters be girls. thanks for not making us wear jumpers and keds and long ugly, cotton shorts when all the other moms were making their daughters wear them (haha). thanks for "teaching" us how to dress fashionably and wear make-up. thanks for letting us giggle over the cute movie starts together. thanks for letting us talk to you about boys. thanks for listening and always speaking truth into my life.

thanks for loving daddy. thanks for setting the example of what it means for a wife to truly love her husband. thanks for respecting him and never speaking bad of him. i've never heard you say anything bad about daddy - you have always spoken loving, respectful things of him. i think that is huge reason why we love and respect him so much. i love how you would get up as early as he would before work so that you could cook him a good breakfast. i even remember you waiting up for him after his shift at the hospital - i'd wake up at midnight and hear the two of you laughing and eating taco bell (i always hoped there were be left over cinammon sticks for me in the morning). because of your example, my sisters and i know how to love our husbands!

and most importantly thank you for loving God so much and for teaching us how to love him. thank you for teaching us to love His Word. i remember waking up as a little girl and seeing you praying or reading your Bible, early in the morning be. its an example forever embedded in my heart, and that is why you being our mother has been as good as its been.

i could go on and on becacuse you deserve more than this. thank you for loving me always. thank you for having been there for me growing up - and thank you for being here for me now.

i'll see you a couple of months. i can't wait to be home with you!
happy mother's day, mom!
i love you so much.

ilene joyce


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