Saturday, May 1, 2010

back to normal.

[after kristine's graduation
this is always how it is when we walk down the street,
no matter where or when. crazy people. ]

[summer 2009 at the bean, chicago, il]

[even at kristine's wedding, we can't seem to getaway from the goofy face pictures]

the apartment is so quiet right now. the family just left to head back to SC. this is definitely not my favorite part of seeing family. whenever we're all together, we are laughing...talking loudly...talking about life on the same page...laughing...and just enjoying one another. oh, and laughing. so when we are all apart once again, it's hard to get back into normal life.

i am so thankful to have a family like the one i have. i am thankful that i even have a family like that to miss.

can't wait for the next time we're all together again.

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  1. saying good-bye is always the hardest. your family seems precious. so glad you have them! i love that first picture! xoxo


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