Thursday, April 29, 2010

where's the next adventure?

so i did it. and i'm happy and satisfied. i'm thankful for the experience - and that there was room for me to learn and to know what to do (or not to do) if i ever pursue another craft fair event again.

oh, something small and random but was huge for me was that student actually recognized my work and my name from mycakies-blog (remember the one i'm currently sponsoring and was featured with a giveaway early this month?) that def. made my day!

[do i look a little nervous to you?]

i have to admit as much fun as i have creating and selling my products, it's really nice to sit back and chill on this couch without the pressure of a fair.

but like i said it was a great experience - and also ryan and i had a really good time. he was an incredible help (carrying, selling, conversing with the customers or other artists, and keeping me company - and esp. calming me down anytime i started freaking out over something dumb). i'm really glad we were able to share this experience together. he was super supportive and really proved that even more so today.

and this might sound funny, but we really enjoyed
talking. just talking...since we didn't have much to do but wait for customers to come and go - and in between all that, we were able to talk. it's been hard to sit and talk for long periods of times lately since life has been so busy (refer to previous posts). we have been go-go-go for weeks this semester so it was good to just talk.

afterwards, ryan and i celebrated the experience with a delish burger, large fries and sprite (mmm) from Five Guys (one of my top three faves when it comes to a burger).

[celebrating at five guys]

[looking for the next great adventure]

it was a good day. i feel even better than pam.
even in the midst of the craziness of the fair's prep, it was worth it.

i'm so thankful.


  1. hooray!!! your table looks great :) hope it went well for you!

  2. so, so, so proud!!!!! it looks amazing!!!!! and what a guy ryan is to sit and help and just be there with you! just love that!

  3. aw, thanks friends!! kim and kirra, you guys are super sweet and encouraging. it was a great experience! lots of work but def. worth it. :)


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