Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekend, yes!

where did this week go? it seriously was one of the fastest weeks with really loooooong days.
have you ever had one of those kinds of weeks?
you can't catch up yet your days are jam-packed.
yup, i just lived it.
but i'm thankful that first, it's over - and second, i survived it.

even in the midst of it, i was blessed to have moments to enjoy the warm weather. once again, ryan and i took advantage of the warm weather and savored a walk outdoors - even hit (is the word 'chipped?') a few golf balls around at lincoln park.

[flowers are blossoming everywhere.]

[hitting golf balls at the lincoln park.
p.s. for free - i think golf is the most boring sport in the world, except when i get to hit the balls good thing, ryan is a patient boyfriend - and a goofy one if you didn't realize it.]

[chilling out on a bench in a park. enjoying the weather. people watching.]

even had some time to update the shop a little bit.

hope you get some time to chill, enjoy the weather, and be creative, too.
happy weekend, folks.


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