Saturday, April 3, 2010

watch me fly.

so...this has kinda been in the works for the past month but nothing was confirmed...until today. and it wasn't till today that i felt the sleeping butterflies flutter awake in my stomach.

i'm super excited but honestly a little nervous.
okay, a lot nervous.

i will be participating in a d.i.y. art fair at columbia! i think it will be good practice for me, esp. if i want to participate in something larger later on. it's only being advertised to columbia students so it shouldn't be too overwhelming...right? then again, they are all studying art and know much more than me.

while at noble tree today with ryan, i jotted down my game plan. what needs to happen between now and april 29th at 3pm.

i have a feeling it'll be a busy couple of weeks. if i start going m.i.a., then you'll know why. life itself gets busier in april. lots to look forward to - but lots to keep ilene busy.

like i said, there is a part of me that is excited. it's just weird to have 'muchlove-illy' go beyond cyber space.

now, i just have to run with it.


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