Wednesday, April 21, 2010

taking another moment to savor.

so even in life's busyness, did you spend time with someone special today? i did.
actually with two special people, ash and kirra.
we celebrated ashley's birthday at mollie's.

my fave mollie's cupcake, the cookie monster. i could have eaten 3 more. the middle, folks, is made up of cookie dough. just kill me now. it's too die for.

ash and kirra attached their cupcakes, the boston creme. they were loving theirs too.

and ashley opening her lovely card and gifts from kirra,
including a taylor swift greeting card. who knew?

so now you...go have fun. eat a cupcake or two. go crazy. get creative. do something that you haven't done in years. and don't forget to bring a friend with you. it's more fun that way.

[p.s. kirra and ash have their own blogs too - be sure to check theirs out!]


  1. oh my gosh-that cupcake looks AMAZING! we definitely need one of those bakeries here!

  2. they are insanely good!! maybe the next time you come to chicago, i can take you out for one! :)

  3. loved it!! and many thanks again- you guys spoiled me too much! so, so fun. we are definitely going back for more so i can try every cupcake, one by one. :)


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