Tuesday, April 20, 2010

take a minute.

life has been busy - but that's normal.
you work at a college, esp. in the heart of downtown Chicago, life is fast-paced and we live by semesters...and that's the norm.

i walk around the city a lot - whether alone, with friends, or with ryan. i had a little bit of time outside - which was so great, considering i was working indoors all day.

though it was a little chilly, you forgot about the drop in temperature because of how stunning and breathtaking the blossoms are right now all around the city.

take a peek.


where you are, no matter how busy (or how slow) life is for you,

remember to savor it.
to really take time to smell the roses, as the saying goes.
though it's cliche, the saying couldn't be more true in any of our lives.

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