Monday, April 12, 2010

such is life. and it's okay.

[spring is nearly here.]

today was...okay.
one of those mondays.

blaaaaah. not fun, but it's life.

however, things i'm thankful for, despite the blah-ness...

...that i'm able to head to bed in less than a few minutes.
...that i finished a good days at work today at my full-time job (felt like i really deserved my money today, if you know what i mean?).
...that i finished up the etsy orders that needs to be shipped out tomorrow.
...that i accepted to Lovely Clusters (look out for coming updates).
...that i have such loving family, roomie , dear friends, and boyfriend.

and that tomorrow is a new day. so thankful.


  1. Sorry it wasn't the best day....
    but that's a gorgeous picture!!! :)

  2. tomorrow (today? ha) IS a new day and His mercies are new! :) hallelujah! sorry you had a stinky monday. hope today was better!

  3. whit and kim,

    thanks, friends! both comments def were an encouragement to read.

    hope you both have lovely days yourselves!! :)

  4. that's what I'm talking about!!! nice work ILENE!


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