Sunday, April 18, 2010

shop update: poppy corsage, pls.

today's recent additions to the shop include...

[orange slice poppy corsage.]
this one makes me crave a juicy, ripe orange slices.

[sailor of my dreams poppy corsage.]
this was inspired by my mom, who loves the headband but loves my poppy corsages more,
so she special requested that i make her one as a pin.

i've used these to add a touch of color to a plain white tee or even on a purse, giving it a bit of spice for spring - and soon enough for summer!


  1. cutie ileeeeene! i want to buy the truly friends summer ring. can you take a picture of it on your pointer finger and send it to me so i can get a scale? high maintenance? *raises hand* let me know if you have some time to do that.

  2. Hey Ilene.
    I found your shop when Cakies blogged about you.
    I'm Dana from the site MADE
    and for the next few weeks I'm hosting "Celebrating MOM" (along with the blog Ruffles and Stuff).
    3 weeks of tutorials, Mother's Day gift ideas, giveaways, etc.
    I normally only host giveaways for my sponsors, but I fell in love with your stuff and wondered if you'd be interested in doing a giveaway on MADE during our Mom Celebration?

    What I'm thinking is......
    Kathleen from Grosgain will be GUEST blogging a week from today, sharing a tutorial for making big Poppy flowers. And then it would be really cool to do a giveaway with a few of your items as follow-up. Some people like to make things, some just want to buy it :). So I try to please everybody!

    anyway, let me know what you think.
    - dana


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