Thursday, April 8, 2010

recent obsessions.

1. vanity (aka 'fake') glasses (currently on the hunt for a bright-red pair)

2. mint green (on the hunt for that nailpolish shade...and even bought mint green thread and buttons yesterday for upcoming shop creations - look out for those!)

3. Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine (found this song on one of my fave blogs; it has an addicting beat to it)

4. elsie flannigan. naomi, husband, and cute bulldog. (enough said. recent blog addictions.)

5. dreaming about the future a lot. (not in a bad obsessive way. more like a fun 'what if life turns out this way' kind of thinking...which is def. holding hands with prayer. so you can't say there is anything wrong with that.)


  1. Mint green has definitely become my favorite color of the moment.

  2. yes! isn't it?! i see it every where too. love it. :)


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