Sunday, April 11, 2010

one more thing: celebrate the small things.

oh and one more thing...

it's small, but to me (a newbie to the etsy-world), it made my day to see more than a 100 people "heart" me on etsy!!!

i remember how it made my day when i got the first 'heart' on my lil' shop. i remember the first sale. i hope i never loose the giddyness i feel whenever i get a sale or get 'hearted.'

yeah for celebrating the little things in life.

i'm almost to 100 sales, too. once i'm there, i'm thinking to celebrate once again - i think i want to celebrate and share my joy with some etsy-love. (i'll be brainstorming a sale or two for when that day comes. )

don't want to count the chickens before they hatch (is that how the saying goes?). even so, just wanted to share my little piece of joy with you, blog world.

night, friends (for the millionth time).


  1. I love my poppy headband! Your stuff is so cute!

  2. way to go!!! :) i'm loving your new rings!

  3. anne, thanks! i'm glad you enjoy your headband. :)

    kim, you are so sweet! your stuff is super amazing, too! (p.s. your headband is headed your way. hope you like it!)


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