Sunday, April 25, 2010

my crazy family.

[from the Brandenberger wedding in SC, August 2008]

one of the things in life that make me beyond happy is my family.
they are the ones that can really, really make me laugh. they really do know me.
they are my best friends. we love each other like crazy.
i think they are the only people i can talk/text on the phone every day
(and i really despise talking on the phone).

and this weekend, the fam will be together again!
woohoo - watch out Chicago and Iowa!
i'm bummed that i won't be able to go out to Iowa when myparents and ashley head out to see Storm Lake and the Brandenbergers for the first time, but i'm just so happy that we are all able to see each other and be together.
one part of being grown-up is the distance. i hate being so far away from them.
maybe one day that can all change.
for now, the distance defintely makes us savor the little time we have together even more.


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