Sunday, April 4, 2010

more little things i love...about today.

it was such a good weekend. so sad to say good-bye to it...

the sunshine and the days off were very much needed.

church was very good this morning. it was a full house. it really felt like a celebration today(which it should always be that way). today we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

and today ryan and i went on yet another walk down lake-shore. it's a chicago-thing to do, i think...esp. when you have good weather, you want to enjoy every minute of it outside while you can. chicago weather is odd like might be chilly tomorrow. you never know.

well, ryan rode his bike. i walked alongside of him.

then we spotted some famous people on the beach...

hehe. actually, ryan and i just felt like playing paparazzi. they were some of our friends, neal and ash. they were enjoying a relaxing sunny Easter sunday, just like us.

i love good friends like ashley. she's the best.

so thankful for a good weekend.
and now i wish you all goodnight.
need to get sleep so i can dive right in to another monday.

Good night, friends.


  1. I love it! :) And I love that you are on CAKIES!! See you soon, friend.

  2. yes! me too - to running into each other and the opportunity to be on CAKIES. looking forward to wednesday. love ya. :)


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