Sunday, April 11, 2010

lovely, if not lovelier.

there is something about sundays, especially today with the warm weather, the walk to church was refreshing.

(i seem to always be running late, not an example to follow...just the truth. i live 5 minutes away so i always think i have more time than i do. i slip in during announcement so not too much of a blunder...yet.)

afterwards, i had some lunch (leftover chipotle...mmm) then worked on some new rings for the shop. im loving the fact that bright, happy colorful are "in" - especially with the warm weather practically here!

oh, then i looked through my brand-new moo cards. exciting, right? so i can finally distribute my etsy and blog-address professionally, instead of scribbling them down on blue post-it notes. also mom keeps asking me for them since she sports my lovely poppy brooches at church and people ask her where she finds them (nothing like a mother promoting her daughter's art, right? i love my mom! she's great like that.)

then later on, ryan and i met up with phil, a good friend of ours who came with us to the philippines 2 trips ago. we chilled at ryan's. we watched the master's tournament, grilled some burgers (ryan's incredible mushroom burgers - mouth is watering thinking about it), and then ate icecream and cookies while watching g-force (so dumb but had some hilarious one-liners). we also took a quick stroll outside to the nearby park to throw the football around.

happy sunday, folks.
hope yours was just as lovely, if not lovelier.


  1. how fun. miss you guys!!! all of ya! tell pastor phil I say hi too!!!

  2. i will tell him that! wish you were here to join us for these adventures. you and sean should totally come once during the summer. love and miss you!!!

  3. adorable. how fun! :) one of my favorite things to do with chase while we were dating was to throw the football! :) now that we're married that turned into frisbee, but whatever. it's all the same, right?

  4. kim,

    so fun! but for some reason, for me...i can't throw a frisbee, but i can throw a football. oh, well, i'm thankful i'm able to do something athletic! hehe. :)


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