Thursday, April 8, 2010

lovely blogger list.

visiting one of my favorite blogs, ohhellofriend, i stumbled across the lovely blogger list - which is a list compiling all the creative people and their blogs/shops. what excited me was that the list even extended out overseas (including philippines...yay!).

so if you have your own creative blog or shop, click on the banner below to check it out for yourself.

enjoy my own lil' post:

hello, friend! my name is ilene joyce. i currently reside in chicago, loving the city life! chicago has not always been my home - i grew up a navy-brat, probably the reason why i love to travel and don't mind change. recent obsessions include mint green, fake red glasses, and argo tea's strawberry creme/green tea drink (iced please).

for me is pretty random - color combo from a bus stop ad, nature around me, an ear-catching word or phrase, and my lovely sisters. its whatever catches my eye really.

you can find me at this blog, but this blog was actually created in connection to my shop, "Much Love, Illy." my lil shop showcases poppy garland headbands, lovely rings, pins, and other hair accessories. everything is handmade in much love!

find me here: etsy and blog


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