Saturday, April 10, 2010

it's fun to play dress-up.

ryan and i played dress-up tonight.

we went to mbi's junior-senior banquet (JSB), a night to celebrate the mbi seniors as they graduate. it's fun to see everyone dress up, eat good-friend, lots of laughs and fun conversations.

(also can i admit something? i want to admit that it's fun to pretend your rich as you walk through the marriot and michigan avenure....just for the night. i know i'll never be rich - so it's fun to pretend. ryan and i walk arm in arm - he in his snazzy, sharp black suit and moi in a long purple dress with splashes of coral and yellow, and one of my favorite pairs of sky blue shoes. anyways kinda superficial but just being honest, friends.)

overall, the dinner was delish. the details of the event was immaculate. the junior class council who organized it, amazing. the students looked stunning and so glamorous. the mango drink was yummy. the weather was perfect. and my date was an absolute gentleman.

happy weekend, friends.


  1. you look stunning! so beautiful. miss you!

  2. thanks, friend! miss you more. :) we still need to plan that phone date...


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