Friday, April 2, 2010

forget laundry.

i need to do laundry. i meant to organize my art supplies. clean my room. etc. etc. the list keeps going.

instead ilene decided to play - and play she must 'cause rumor has it tomorrow is a gloomy, chilly one in chicago.

apparently, the rest of chicago agreed with me. the whole city came out to play.

we were on the hunt for our next adventure...

...or just seeking some relaxation. we dangled out feet above the water by the lake.

believe it or not, i threw the football around with ryan (you are correct when you say 'you don't look like the athletic type' - cause i'm really not.) i like the football over the frisbee.

it was such a good day - and so worth putting aside laundry, cleaning and all grown-up responsibilites. the rest of the day consisted of delish burgers ryan grilled, topped with yummy mushrooms, along with a side of salad and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. we also watched a movie that made me bawl my eyes out (time traveler's wife, seen it? better than i expected). and then headed home to finish up an etsy custom-listing for a friend, while hanging out with the rooms and her bf and watching edward scissorhands.


such a good day. so for now, good night...and yes please, to another day off tomorrow.

p.s. new button-love items in shop today!!!


  1. ya'll should have jumped in! (oh, the joys of last summer together...) we would have wanted to do all these things with ya'll.

  2. wow! looks like a super fun day!

    excited about your giveaway!

  3. ryan and kristine - we wish you guys were here...just like last summer. we missed you all - esp. this weekend!

    jozen - it was a fun day. i hope you had a good weekend yourself...and good luck on the giveaway!! :)


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