Tuesday, April 27, 2010

family love.

such a good weekend. i miss them already.

sadly, i didn't take as many pictures as i had planned too - but i guess that shows how much fun we had. we were too busy laughing and talking to take pics. mom also cooked a filipino dinner for us (including sarah, her boyfriend, and Ryan). we even made time for some Jack Bauer (24 - woohoo!), as well as a sister-date with Ashley.

[she was one less lonely girl...when she found j-bieber's magazine.]

[shoe shopping at h&m. we ended up getting a matching pair, mine in navy blue and hers in red.
but aren't her converse shoes eye-popping?!!]

[then here we are grabbing a late lunch at chipotle...mmm.]

but the time with them is not over.
they drove on over to iowa to see kristine and her ryan,
so they'll be back in chicago soon enough.
no tears and good-byes yet.
i loooove them.


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