Friday, April 30, 2010

current obsession

anyone who knows me knows i'm obsessed with nailpolish.
found this one a daily read, a beautiful mess.
talk about eye-candy for moi.

plus chinese glaze is my recent fave brand - and with all my recent fave spring/summer colors.
my obsession was def. not appeased after going to ulta.
uh, yeah...they have a buy 2, get 1 free nailpolish deal.
gotta love it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

where's the next adventure?

so i did it. and i'm happy and satisfied. i'm thankful for the experience - and that there was room for me to learn and to know what to do (or not to do) if i ever pursue another craft fair event again.

oh, something small and random but was huge for me was that student actually recognized my work and my name from mycakies-blog (remember the one i'm currently sponsoring and was featured with a giveaway early this month?) that def. made my day!

[do i look a little nervous to you?]

i have to admit as much fun as i have creating and selling my products, it's really nice to sit back and chill on this couch without the pressure of a fair.

but like i said it was a great experience - and also ryan and i had a really good time. he was an incredible help (carrying, selling, conversing with the customers or other artists, and keeping me company - and esp. calming me down anytime i started freaking out over something dumb). i'm really glad we were able to share this experience together. he was super supportive and really proved that even more so today.

and this might sound funny, but we really enjoyed
talking. just talking...since we didn't have much to do but wait for customers to come and go - and in between all that, we were able to talk. it's been hard to sit and talk for long periods of times lately since life has been so busy (refer to previous posts). we have been go-go-go for weeks this semester so it was good to just talk.

afterwards, ryan and i celebrated the experience with a delish burger, large fries and sprite (mmm) from Five Guys (one of my top three faves when it comes to a burger).

[celebrating at five guys]

[looking for the next great adventure]

it was a good day. i feel even better than pam.
even in the midst of the craziness of the fair's prep, it was worth it.

i'm so thankful.

the office coordinator-artist.
like pam beasley.
that's me today. at columbia college.
my first mini-art show at the diy craft event.

i'm a mix of emotions - nerves and excitement.

muchlove-illy goes live in 5, 4, 3...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

family love.

such a good weekend. i miss them already.

sadly, i didn't take as many pictures as i had planned too - but i guess that shows how much fun we had. we were too busy laughing and talking to take pics. mom also cooked a filipino dinner for us (including sarah, her boyfriend, and Ryan). we even made time for some Jack Bauer (24 - woohoo!), as well as a sister-date with Ashley.

[she was one less lonely girl...when she found j-bieber's magazine.]

[shoe shopping at h&m. we ended up getting a matching pair, mine in navy blue and hers in red.
but aren't her converse shoes eye-popping?!!]

[then here we are grabbing a late lunch at chipotle...mmm.]

but the time with them is not over.
they drove on over to iowa to see kristine and her ryan,
so they'll be back in chicago soon enough.
no tears and good-byes yet.
i loooove them.

giveaway at MADE: celebrating Mom!

i was recently invited to host a giveaway by Dana, the creator of this fun site, MADE.
such a creative and inspiring site!
even if you are not a mom, there are so many sweet entries for those creative at heart.
i'm not a mom but i'm definitely spying some eye-candy here!
there are also some sweet tutorials for sewing and other awesome crafts (sewing is a new love of mine and exciting to grow especially in this area).

be sure to check it out!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

my crazy family.

[from the Brandenberger wedding in SC, August 2008]

one of the things in life that make me beyond happy is my family.
they are the ones that can really, really make me laugh. they really do know me.
they are my best friends. we love each other like crazy.
i think they are the only people i can talk/text on the phone every day
(and i really despise talking on the phone).

and this weekend, the fam will be together again!
woohoo - watch out Chicago and Iowa!
i'm bummed that i won't be able to go out to Iowa when myparents and ashley head out to see Storm Lake and the Brandenbergers for the first time, but i'm just so happy that we are all able to see each other and be together.
one part of being grown-up is the distance. i hate being so far away from them.
maybe one day that can all change.
for now, the distance defintely makes us savor the little time we have together even more.

Friday, April 23, 2010

featured on: lovely clusters

be sure to stop by lovely clusters! i was recently accepted into their lovely collection of shops, so when you have a chance, check it out - and don't forget to check out all the other lovely shops.

rachel, who is the creator of lovely clusters, does an incredible shop of curating and promoting us small businesses! as amazing as etsy is,can get overwhelming at times search-wise, and so lovely clusters takes up the incredible job of bringing the best items to the frontlines, making it easier for customers for peruse!

and check the site daily: you never know if muchlove-illy will be the featured shop of the day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

recent american idol crush.

tim urban got kicked off last night.

but i have a new fave, lee dewyz. so good - and super down to earth and chill. never gets defensive with the judges. plus love his voice.

i love american idol.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

taking another moment to savor.

so even in life's busyness, did you spend time with someone special today? i did.
actually with two special people, ash and kirra.
we celebrated ashley's birthday at mollie's.

my fave mollie's cupcake, the cookie monster. i could have eaten 3 more. the middle, folks, is made up of cookie dough. just kill me now. it's too die for.

ash and kirra attached their cupcakes, the boston creme. they were loving theirs too.

and ashley opening her lovely card and gifts from kirra,
including a taylor swift greeting card. who knew?

so now you...go have fun. eat a cupcake or two. go crazy. get creative. do something that you haven't done in years. and don't forget to bring a friend with you. it's more fun that way.

[p.s. kirra and ash have their own blogs too - be sure to check theirs out!]

another giveaway: postgrad hair cut!!!

don't forget to check out the newest MLI giveaway:

thank you to samantha of Post Grad Haircut,
a witty, inspiring and creative blog on life, design, and everything in between.
it's definitely one of my go-to-on-a-daily-basis kind of blogs.
she posts consistently so you are always bound to find something new and inspiring every time you visit her lovely blog.

plus isn't that the coolest blog name eva?!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

take a minute.

life has been busy - but that's normal.
you work at a college, esp. in the heart of downtown Chicago, life is fast-paced and we live by semesters...and that's the norm.

i walk around the city a lot - whether alone, with friends, or with ryan. i had a little bit of time outside - which was so great, considering i was working indoors all day.

though it was a little chilly, you forgot about the drop in temperature because of how stunning and breathtaking the blossoms are right now all around the city.

take a peek.


where you are, no matter how busy (or how slow) life is for you,

remember to savor it.
to really take time to smell the roses, as the saying goes.
though it's cliche, the saying couldn't be more true in any of our lives.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

shop update: poppy corsage, pls.

today's recent additions to the shop include...

[orange slice poppy corsage.]
this one makes me crave a juicy, ripe orange slices.

[sailor of my dreams poppy corsage.]
this was inspired by my mom, who loves the headband but loves my poppy corsages more,
so she special requested that i make her one as a pin.

i've used these to add a touch of color to a plain white tee or even on a purse, giving it a bit of spice for spring - and soon enough for summer!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

weekend, yes!

where did this week go? it seriously was one of the fastest weeks with really loooooong days.
have you ever had one of those kinds of weeks?
you can't catch up yet your days are jam-packed.
yup, i just lived it.
but i'm thankful that first, it's over - and second, i survived it.

even in the midst of it, i was blessed to have moments to enjoy the warm weather. once again, ryan and i took advantage of the warm weather and savored a walk outdoors - even hit (is the word 'chipped?') a few golf balls around at lincoln park.

[flowers are blossoming everywhere.]

[hitting golf balls at the lincoln park.
p.s. for free - i think golf is the most boring sport in the world, except when i get to hit the balls good thing, ryan is a patient boyfriend - and a goofy one if you didn't realize it.]

[chilling out on a bench in a park. enjoying the weather. people watching.]

even had some time to update the shop a little bit.

hope you get some time to chill, enjoy the weather, and be creative, too.
happy weekend, folks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lovin' this.

when the sun comes out to play, i begin to detest my large, dark thick locks.

bobs with layers
(and esp. with these vintage glasses - can you imagine red ones, pls.?)
are such a temptation.
let's even through in some crazy, red streaks.

[found on reinnasaurus]

new spring banner for shop.

what do you think of my new etsy-banner?
i needed something more updated, fresh.
especially since it's spring time.
i'm loving the yellow.

...and look out for this in the next few days at Lovely CLusters.

i'm stoked.
just a little bit.

Monday, April 12, 2010

such is life. and it's okay.

[spring is nearly here.]

today was...okay.
one of those mondays.

blaaaaah. not fun, but it's life.

however, things i'm thankful for, despite the blah-ness...

...that i'm able to head to bed in less than a few minutes.
...that i finished a good days at work today at my full-time job (felt like i really deserved my money today, if you know what i mean?).
...that i finished up the etsy orders that needs to be shipped out tomorrow.
...that i accepted to Lovely Clusters (look out for coming updates).
...that i have such loving family, roomie , dear friends, and boyfriend.

and that tomorrow is a new day. so thankful.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

one more thing: celebrate the small things.

oh and one more thing...

it's small, but to me (a newbie to the etsy-world), it made my day to see more than a 100 people "heart" me on etsy!!!

i remember how it made my day when i got the first 'heart' on my lil' shop. i remember the first sale. i hope i never loose the giddyness i feel whenever i get a sale or get 'hearted.'

yeah for celebrating the little things in life.

i'm almost to 100 sales, too. once i'm there, i'm thinking to celebrate once again - i think i want to celebrate and share my joy with some etsy-love. (i'll be brainstorming a sale or two for when that day comes. )

don't want to count the chickens before they hatch (is that how the saying goes?). even so, just wanted to share my little piece of joy with you, blog world.

night, friends (for the millionth time).

lovely, if not lovelier.

there is something about sundays, especially today with the warm weather, the walk to church was refreshing.

(i seem to always be running late, not an example to follow...just the truth. i live 5 minutes away so i always think i have more time than i do. i slip in during announcement so not too much of a blunder...yet.)

afterwards, i had some lunch (leftover chipotle...mmm) then worked on some new rings for the shop. im loving the fact that bright, happy colorful are "in" - especially with the warm weather practically here!

oh, then i looked through my brand-new moo cards. exciting, right? so i can finally distribute my etsy and blog-address professionally, instead of scribbling them down on blue post-it notes. also mom keeps asking me for them since she sports my lovely poppy brooches at church and people ask her where she finds them (nothing like a mother promoting her daughter's art, right? i love my mom! she's great like that.)

then later on, ryan and i met up with phil, a good friend of ours who came with us to the philippines 2 trips ago. we chilled at ryan's. we watched the master's tournament, grilled some burgers (ryan's incredible mushroom burgers - mouth is watering thinking about it), and then ate icecream and cookies while watching g-force (so dumb but had some hilarious one-liners). we also took a quick stroll outside to the nearby park to throw the football around.

happy sunday, folks.
hope yours was just as lovely, if not lovelier.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

it's fun to play dress-up.

ryan and i played dress-up tonight.

we went to mbi's junior-senior banquet (JSB), a night to celebrate the mbi seniors as they graduate. it's fun to see everyone dress up, eat good-friend, lots of laughs and fun conversations.

(also can i admit something? i want to admit that it's fun to pretend your rich as you walk through the marriot and michigan avenure....just for the night. i know i'll never be rich - so it's fun to pretend. ryan and i walk arm in arm - he in his snazzy, sharp black suit and moi in a long purple dress with splashes of coral and yellow, and one of my favorite pairs of sky blue shoes. anyways kinda superficial but just being honest, friends.)

overall, the dinner was delish. the details of the event was immaculate. the junior class council who organized it, amazing. the students looked stunning and so glamorous. the mango drink was yummy. the weather was perfect. and my date was an absolute gentleman.

happy weekend, friends.