Sunday, March 28, 2010


though the weekend flew by, it was a refreshing and lovely weekend. i am especially giving thanx for...

1. one of my dearest friends, whit came to visit Chicago for the weekend. we always have the best conversations and stay up too late laughing about the most random things. we also always plan on art dates - and as much as we love art, we apparently love talking/laughing more because we never get around to the art. i love you, whit!!!

we took lots of pics. she took some fun ones of us and also some of me and ryan, so i'm sure those will make it to this blog eventually.

oh and ps. her husba
nd, shawn is awesome and also a good friend. it was too bad he wasn't able to join us for chicago adventures. actually they're love story blossomed on our "we're-so-single" NYC trip, but that is a story for another day...

2. our Philippines missions team made got together for a reunion-dinner/debriefing meeting. it was a refreshing time for us to all see each other, eat lots of food, and especially process the trip. it's crazy to think that we were all there in the philippines just a little over a week ago.

3. i had (finally) some time to create and restock the shop with a few headbands. it's been awhile - and it felt so good! look out for more goodies to come, friends.

4. while we were in the philippines, ryan and i were so busy that he and hardly had time to talk. not like 'hi, how are you? enjoying your coffee?' kind of conversation...but the deep, meaningful conversations and laughter that makes your stomach hurt didn't happen cuz of the little time we had together.

since we've been back, it's been so great to have more time to talk, walk around the city, and just laugh together. i feel like i've savored it even more than before.

it's always nice to have quality time with your best friend, wouldn't you say?

hope you had a lovely weekend, friend.


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