Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh, loving spring.

i should be in bed, trying to get some sleep. but i'm up later than i thought because etsy was being funny and wouldn't let me load my pics for a new headband.

oh well, there is tomorrow. no rush.

but i can't let the day end without pics from an incredibly beautiful and warm day in Chicago. and what's even better, rumor has it that it'll be even warmer tomorrow!

yeah for spring and warm weather...more lunch dates with friends outside, more walks around the city with ryan. we're enjoying it while it last 'cause rumor also has it that it's supposed to drop in temps by next week.


for now, we live and enjoy and savor.
enjoy the day that we have been given today.

[people eating lunch outside for a change]

[sarah and her friend ate outside too. i def. felt like paparazzi.]

[ash and me having our weekly wednesday lunch - one of the highlights of the week for me]

[chicago out and about by the lake...bikers, runners, walkers - and yes, the people-watchers, like me and ryan]

[i like this boy...alot.]

[walked past one of my fave stores in the city...yes, anthro. i love the store window display right. oh, love green.]

and the day ended with a sweet and thoughtful easter basket from Ryan's mom!!
isn't she the sweetest?! we each got one with our favorite candies inside - mmm, sour straws, PB M&M's, skittles...candy heaven. oh and you can't miss the matching lambs. we are pretty excited. can't you tell?


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