Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mini adventures.

today was one of those days that you go to bed and sigh,
"wow...today wasn't a bad at all."
nothing out of the ordinary.
but a just a good, satisfying day.

[running an errand to david's bridal to FINALLY get my bridemaid dress for heather's wedding.]

[ran into jewel for chocolate chip cookies and milk and found this little piggy outside.
i was in such a hurry though that i didn't take a picture of his curly tail on the other side, darn-it.
oh well, you can still tell by this picture how random it is.]

and so now, i head to bed.
i kinda feel like i'm getting sick (gaaaah).
my nose has been a little runny (ew) and throat scratchy (gag).
hopefully sleep will cure it asap.

night, folks.


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