Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4-day weekends are lovely.

i think one of the best things in life is when you are reminded you have a free day off from work, but you had forgotten about it!
so now, i have a million things on my mind of what i want to do this weekend:
1. go to the art museum
2. take a long walk with Ryan and my camera
3. create lots of new goodies for the shop
4. SLEEP - lots of it (naps, sleep in, and more naps)
5. movie at the theatre
[maybe, just maybe "Shutter Island" - i told Ryan 'maybe' because i am so scared...but everyone is telling me that it's not a horror movie - but the preview def. looked like a horror movie so we'll see if i give in. plus we'd go in the daytime so i wouldn't be as afraid. gaaaah.]
6. a joann run 'cause i still need to get my sewing machine fixed and i'm always in 'need' of more art supplies
7. target (or walgreens)-run 'cause ryan and i want to put a 'mommy-pacakge' together for Caris (the Redemption Project at our church)
8. read or draw in my moleskin at Noble Tree
9. call my sisters because it's been a loooong time since we've talked-talked (not text or facebook...but an actual phone call)
10. continuing to remember Christ's death, resurrection, and gift of salvation in mind and heart , especially during this weekend
what are you up to this weekend, friend?


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