Monday, March 22, 2010

2 weeks in a nutshell - a very small nutshell.

this is a very, very small preview to my time in the Philippines (thus the lack of blog posts during the past couple of weeks). i have more to process and more pictures to upload - so many exciting, amazing, and wonderful things! i also witnessed heartbreak and trials but i walk away blessed and challenged.

for now, i share a small piece of my journey.

don't worry.
more will certainly follow.

dear friends at Samaritana Transformation Ministry, heading off to retreat

my good friends, ate ("big sister" in Tagalog) lori and ate ma-lou. i have the privilege of seeing them every year. we have become better and better friends. i love these amazing women.

my cousins on mom's side of the family.
here we are in batangas. they grow taller than me every year.
aren't they so beautiful?!
i love it especially when they talk Tagalog to me - i'm jealous that i can't!
(can you tell by our smiles we're related?!)

cousins, aunts, and my uncle.
it was so good to see them - but we def. had a time of mourning because it wasn't the same without my lola (tagalog for "grandma").
she passed away in july 2009. we miss you, lola.

sunday morning worship at "Jesus Christ is Savior" Church
in a squatter camp called, "Holy Spirit."

youth retreat at Word of Life Camp in Laguana. loooove these people.

i've had the opportunity to see these girls for the past three years - as well as keep in touch with them via email and facebook, so that we are able to keep up our friendships. they are so beautiful and hilarious - and are such an encouragement to me, especially when it comes to their faith in Christ. i love them - and already am missing them so much.

and one of the highlights of the trip was experiencing it with my best friend, ryan.

like i said, as i have time to process in the coming days,i will have more to post,
including a possible project i am thinking through,
in connection to the beatiful filipino people i met on this trip

dear friends and family, thanks for all your support during this incredible journey!


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