Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh, loving spring.

i should be in bed, trying to get some sleep. but i'm up later than i thought because etsy was being funny and wouldn't let me load my pics for a new headband.

oh well, there is tomorrow. no rush.

but i can't let the day end without pics from an incredibly beautiful and warm day in Chicago. and what's even better, rumor has it that it'll be even warmer tomorrow!

yeah for spring and warm weather...more lunch dates with friends outside, more walks around the city with ryan. we're enjoying it while it last 'cause rumor also has it that it's supposed to drop in temps by next week.


for now, we live and enjoy and savor.
enjoy the day that we have been given today.

[people eating lunch outside for a change]

[sarah and her friend ate outside too. i def. felt like paparazzi.]

[ash and me having our weekly wednesday lunch - one of the highlights of the week for me]

[chicago out and about by the lake...bikers, runners, walkers - and yes, the people-watchers, like me and ryan]

[i like this boy...alot.]

[walked past one of my fave stores in the city...yes, anthro. i love the store window display right. oh, love green.]

and the day ended with a sweet and thoughtful easter basket from Ryan's mom!!
isn't she the sweetest?! we each got one with our favorite candies inside - mmm, sour straws, PB M&M's, skittles...candy heaven. oh and you can't miss the matching lambs. we are pretty excited. can't you tell?


4-day weekends are lovely.

i think one of the best things in life is when you are reminded you have a free day off from work, but you had forgotten about it!
so now, i have a million things on my mind of what i want to do this weekend:
1. go to the art museum
2. take a long walk with Ryan and my camera
3. create lots of new goodies for the shop
4. SLEEP - lots of it (naps, sleep in, and more naps)
5. movie at the theatre
[maybe, just maybe "Shutter Island" - i told Ryan 'maybe' because i am so scared...but everyone is telling me that it's not a horror movie - but the preview def. looked like a horror movie so we'll see if i give in. plus we'd go in the daytime so i wouldn't be as afraid. gaaaah.]
6. a joann run 'cause i still need to get my sewing machine fixed and i'm always in 'need' of more art supplies
7. target (or walgreens)-run 'cause ryan and i want to put a 'mommy-pacakge' together for Caris (the Redemption Project at our church)
8. read or draw in my moleskin at Noble Tree
9. call my sisters because it's been a loooong time since we've talked-talked (not text or facebook...but an actual phone call)
10. continuing to remember Christ's death, resurrection, and gift of salvation in mind and heart , especially during this weekend
what are you up to this weekend, friend?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

mini adventures.

today was one of those days that you go to bed and sigh,
" wasn't a bad at all."
nothing out of the ordinary.
but a just a good, satisfying day.

[running an errand to david's bridal to FINALLY get my bridemaid dress for heather's wedding.]

[ran into jewel for chocolate chip cookies and milk and found this little piggy outside.
i was in such a hurry though that i didn't take a picture of his curly tail on the other side, darn-it.
oh well, you can still tell by this picture how random it is.]

and so now, i head to bed.
i kinda feel like i'm getting sick (gaaaah).
my nose has been a little runny (ew) and throat scratchy (gag).
hopefully sleep will cure it asap.

night, folks.

Monday, March 29, 2010

who knows.

[ who knows what is going on here?!]
but i am currently obsessed with this photo.
whit took it while we were walking around the city.
this is so us.
maybe that's why i love it so much.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


though the weekend flew by, it was a refreshing and lovely weekend. i am especially giving thanx for...

1. one of my dearest friends, whit came to visit Chicago for the weekend. we always have the best conversations and stay up too late laughing about the most random things. we also always plan on art dates - and as much as we love art, we apparently love talking/laughing more because we never get around to the art. i love you, whit!!!

we took lots of pics. she took some fun ones of us and also some of me and ryan, so i'm sure those will make it to this blog eventually.

oh and ps. her husba
nd, shawn is awesome and also a good friend. it was too bad he wasn't able to join us for chicago adventures. actually they're love story blossomed on our "we're-so-single" NYC trip, but that is a story for another day...

2. our Philippines missions team made got together for a reunion-dinner/debriefing meeting. it was a refreshing time for us to all see each other, eat lots of food, and especially process the trip. it's crazy to think that we were all there in the philippines just a little over a week ago.

3. i had (finally) some time to create and restock the shop with a few headbands. it's been awhile - and it felt so good! look out for more goodies to come, friends.

4. while we were in the philippines, ryan and i were so busy that he and hardly had time to talk. not like 'hi, how are you? enjoying your coffee?' kind of conversation...but the deep, meaningful conversations and laughter that makes your stomach hurt didn't happen cuz of the little time we had together.

since we've been back, it's been so great to have more time to talk, walk around the city, and just laugh together. i feel like i've savored it even more than before.

it's always nice to have quality time with your best friend, wouldn't you say?

hope you had a lovely weekend, friend.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


we might need to get one of these for pey-pey. what do you think, seesters?
he'd adore us - NOT.

[found on one of my new fave blogs, rockstar diaries.]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

best friends.

who doesn't LOVE Pam and Jim? don't these pictures make you smile?

best friends who are your boyfriends/husbands are the best.

i like my best friend...A LOT.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kristine, the artist?!!

so my sister, kristine is a talented woman - great at sports, awesome with kids and teenagers, cracks the family up with her humor - but she's never really been the 'creative one' (ash and i were assigned that job)...until TODAY:

check out her art project.
so cuuuute! i am so impressed!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

2 weeks in a nutshell - a very small nutshell.

this is a very, very small preview to my time in the Philippines (thus the lack of blog posts during the past couple of weeks). i have more to process and more pictures to upload - so many exciting, amazing, and wonderful things! i also witnessed heartbreak and trials but i walk away blessed and challenged.

for now, i share a small piece of my journey.

don't worry.
more will certainly follow.

dear friends at Samaritana Transformation Ministry, heading off to retreat

my good friends, ate ("big sister" in Tagalog) lori and ate ma-lou. i have the privilege of seeing them every year. we have become better and better friends. i love these amazing women.

my cousins on mom's side of the family.
here we are in batangas. they grow taller than me every year.
aren't they so beautiful?!
i love it especially when they talk Tagalog to me - i'm jealous that i can't!
(can you tell by our smiles we're related?!)

cousins, aunts, and my uncle.
it was so good to see them - but we def. had a time of mourning because it wasn't the same without my lola (tagalog for "grandma").
she passed away in july 2009. we miss you, lola.

sunday morning worship at "Jesus Christ is Savior" Church
in a squatter camp called, "Holy Spirit."

youth retreat at Word of Life Camp in Laguana. loooove these people.

i've had the opportunity to see these girls for the past three years - as well as keep in touch with them via email and facebook, so that we are able to keep up our friendships. they are so beautiful and hilarious - and are such an encouragement to me, especially when it comes to their faith in Christ. i love them - and already am missing them so much.

and one of the highlights of the trip was experiencing it with my best friend, ryan.

like i said, as i have time to process in the coming days,i will have more to post,
including a possible project i am thinking through,
in connection to the beatiful filipino people i met on this trip

dear friends and family, thanks for all your support during this incredible journey!

Friday, March 5, 2010

gamboa girls love 'percy'

even though most of the judges aren't fans of this performance, Simon's a fan - and so are we (me, Ash, and Kristine)!!! tim urban is so great - and cuuuuute!

we all love 'the lightening thief' too - and we think he looks like percy jackson (agreeing with ryan b.). :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

little things that make me laugh. i mean, LAUGH.

i don't know why but every time i see this commercial, it CRACKS me up.
then i go around singing the song all day cuz the song is in my head. while ryan and i ran around target tonight shopping for philippines stuff, i sang the song to him...all night. i promise you, he was thoroughly amused. i can entertain myself with the smallest, oddest things.

the part where the friend in the driver seat nods his head CRACKS me up. gotta love the nod.

heheheh. too much fun.

4 days and counting...

crazy to think that i'll be in the Philippines this time next week.
taking each day and every task one day at a time.
one step at a time.
talk about pressing onward, focusing on the goal.

Philippines Spring Break 2010,
here we come!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

hey, bro...happy birthday!!!!!

to Ryan (the one with the last name, Brandenberger)...


[who's looking good now?]

[always lovin' my sister in the way that she needs to be loved]

just wanted to start off and say that you are the best brother ever (next to peyton, of course - just don't tell him that i told you that).

thanks for always being there. you really are always there, ready to help out in any way that you can...whether a listening ear or fixing something around the apartment. you are great like that - and i think your servant, Christ-like heart is one of the best things about you.

also thanks for loving Kristine in the way that you do. even from the very beginning when you first started to pursue my sister, i immediately noticed how your cared, respected, and loved her. that meant more to me than anything else.

thanks for putting up with our crazy family. for you to be there and enjoy yourself during christmas time, that's mean millions to us gamboas. you ate a lot, played video games, watched movies, and just laugehd with us. i'm so glad you are a part of our family.

thanks for your friendship. i'm glad to say that i am friends with my brother-in-law. i'm glad that i can call/text you anytime, bug and tease you like a sister can, and that at the end of the day, we're family.

i hope that it's a fantastic and wonderful birthday. i hope you know how many people love you.

so all that to say...happy birthday!!!