Friday, February 19, 2010

not a goodbye. just a hello.

i feel like i'm cheating on a friend.

my tumblr-blog has been a dear. it really has. so many good memories. some lovely posts. the beginnings of my blogging inspirations; however, i think i am saying 'hello' to a new friend.

like i said, not a complete good-bye. M.M., i will still visit you often - to reminisce the good times, to be inspired. you have been good to me.

oh, but 'muchlove-illy', i am excited about this new relationship. excited to be able to follow other bloggers, no matter their domain. excited that your name matches the name of my etsy shop. excited that you won't take as forever to load onto my computer. excited about the adventures you will take me on.

hello, muchlove-illy.


aw, shucks! thanks for reading and leaving me some LOVE. you (yes, YOU!) seriously rock my face off.

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